Alabama: City still searching for ways to avoid two special elections

Alaska: Murkowski: Alaska Senate election certification unlikely before holiday

Arizona: Different machines get different counts

California: Runner resigns today to consolidate elections  |  Schwarzenegger sets second special election

Georgia: Vote fraud arrests in South Ga.

Illinois: Snowbirds encouraged to enroll in voting by mail program

Iowa: Gibbons lands state job  |  School tax vote will take place by mail and satellite

Kentucky: Trimble to buy new voting machines

Nevada: Eureka election finally over, clerk keeps job

New Jersey: Councilmember charged with vote fraud says he is victim  |  Henry sworn in as vote challenge looms

New Mexico: Secretary of state's loam request rejected  |  Finance Board: No sufficient trust in granting Herrera funds

North Carolina: City's bid for nonpartisan voting nixed  |  McCullough wins court of appeals seat in round three

Ohio: Brunner to elections board Republicans: Stop stalling

Oklahoma: Lawsuit filed to block February election

Tennessee: Tom Walker named new election administrator  |  Walker named next election administrator

Virginia: Two indicted in Arlington election fraud case

West Virginia: Special primary election costs calculated

Wisconsin: DOJ asks Appeals Court to toss challenge to state's felon voting ban