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electionlineWeekly — September 13, 2018

Table of Contents

III. Primary Updates

Delaware: Voters in the First State went to the polls on Thursday the 6th and there were no reports of any issues. A petition to audit the elections results was started by one campaign, but the state moved forward with certification without the audit. The Delaware State News did note that despite the fact that the election was on a Thursday and not the typical Tuesday, voter turnout was impressive.

Massachusetts: Following last week’s primary election, the office of Secretary of State William Galvin (D) has taken over the operations elections departments in Lowell and Lawrence while the office investigates their practices.

New Hampshire: Voters in the Granite State hit the polls on Tuesday, Sept. 11 and there were no reports of problems. Turnout was hit or miss. Londonderry Town Clerk Sherry Farrell noted that the polls had been quite busy despite the fact that there were many uncontested races on the ballot. University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth students turned out in strong numbers with many registering for the first time to vote in New Hampshire. Hanover noticed a marked uptick in same-day registration.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island rolled out e-poll books statewide for the first time this primary and overall things seemed to go well with the new check-in system. One Newport voter reported being unable to vote because his party affiliation had been switched by the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. In Providence, one polling place opened about 20 minutes late because poll workers didn’t have the required passwords to access the voting system.