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electionlineWeekly — October 16, 2014

Table of Contents

 III. Research and Report Summaries

electionline provides brief summaries of recent research and reports in the field of election administration. The summaries are courtesy of the research staff of The Pew Charitable Trusts Elections Initiatives. Please email links to research to Sean Greene at Pew.

Racial Imagery and Support for Voter ID Laws - David C. Wilson, Paul R. Brewer, and Phoebe Theodora Rosenbluth, Race and Social Problems, October 2014: A new study found that in a survey about requiring voter identification at the polls, white respondents who saw a photo of African Americans voting expressed stronger support for voter ID laws than those who did not see any image. Seeing a photo of white people voting did not have an impact on white respondents’ support of voter ID.