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electionlineWeekly — August 16, 2018

Table of Contents

V. Legislative Updates

Federal Legislation: Rep. Grace Meng (D-New York) has introduced legislation that would repeal the 26th Amendment and replace it with new language that would lower the minimum voting age to 16.

California: The General Assembly has approved legislation that will create an Office of Elections Cybersecurity, a new bureau dedicated to combating cyberattacks directed at the state’s voting systems and correcting disinformation directed at voters.

Maine: The Portland City Council voted to delay a vote on allowing legal non-citizens the right to vote in school elections. The council expressed concerns that giving permanent residents the right to vote could put them at risk of being targeted by federal immigration agents.

Massachusetts: Gov. Charlie Baker has signed a bill into law making Massachusetts the 14th state to approve automatic voter registration. Secretary of State William Galvin said AVR will be in place by 2020.

Ohio: Akron City Council members Russel Neal and Bruce Kilby have submitted legislation to eliminate primary elections in Akron. If approved by the city council, the measure will appear on the November ballot.