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electionlineWeekly — August 28, 2014

Table of Contents

 V. Legislation Update

California: By a 49-20 vote the state Assembly approve SB29 that will allow elections officials to count mail-in ballots that are received up to three days after an election as opposed to by the close of polls on election day as is currently the case.

Florida: Rep. Alan Williams (D-Tallahassee) said this week that he plans to introduce legislation later this year that will move the Sunshine State to a system of online voter registration. “Let's face it. We are no longer in a typewriter generation. We are an iPad world,” Williams told WBBH.

Kentucky: Legislation allowing voters to decide whether or not ex-felons voting rights should be restore has been pre-filed in advance of the 2015 legislative session. There are several potential bills that would place a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

New York: Like a dinner guest who just won’t leave, lever voting machines are back in the mix again in The Empire State. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law that allows village, school and special districts to use lever-voting machines until the end of 2015.