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electionlineWeekly — August 16, 2018

Table of Contents

VII. Tech Thursday

Cybersecurity: McAffee announced this week that it will be offering free cloud services to election officials in all 50 states (and we assume the District of Columbia). According to Axios, it’s unclear whether election officials would be able to renew services with McAfee after a year and at what price. "We’d like to get through November first," Ken Karsten, McAfee’s VP of public sector sales told Axios, adding the discussion about what to do approaching 2020 has "not concluded."

Websites: The Campaign Legal Center has a new website designed to help former felons know and restore their voting rights. Restoreyourvote.org attempts to guide users through the often confusing state laws to determine whether past convictions or unpaid fines will keep them from voting. “There is a lot of misinformation, and the laws can be complicated,” Blair Bowie, a Campaign Legal Center voting rights fellow told Roll Call. “This certainly is an opportunity for people with convictions to assert their voices in elections.”