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electionlineWeekly — October 16, 2014

Table of Contents

 VII. Opinions

National Opinions: Voter ID, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII | Supreme Court rulings | Voter suppression | Voting rights | Voter fraud, II | Fair elections

Arizona: Secretary of state race

California: Secretary of state race, II | Ballot counting, II | Vote-by-mail

Colorado: Secretary of state race, II | Vote-by-mail

Connecticut: Constitutional questions, II | Secretary of state race, II | Voter fraud

Florida: Palm Beach County

Georgia: Secretary of state race | Sunday voting

Idaho: Secretary of state race

Illinois: Voter rolls

Iowa: Online voter registration

Kansas: Kris Kobach, II, III | Secretary of state race | Voter fraud

Kentucky: Voting laws

Maine: Voter ID

Michigan: Absentee ballots

Minnesota: Primary system | Ranked choice voting

Mississippi: Ex-felon voting rights, II

Missouri: Early voting

Montana: Election-day registration, II, III | Satellite voting | Voter registration

New Hampshire: Ballot dispute

New Mexico: Secretary of state ruling

North Carolina: Court ruling, II, III | Voting law changes, II

Ohio: Secretary of state race, II

Oklahoma: Voter ID; Vote-by-mail

Oregon: Top-two primary

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia election commissioner | Election boards

Rhode Island: Voter ID | Secretary of state race

Tennessee: Voting rights | Election dates

Texas: Voter ID, II | Court ruling

Virginia: Voting rights

Wisconsin: Voter ID, II, III | Government Accountability Board