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electionlineWeekly — September 13, 2018

Table of Contents

IX. Opinions This Week

National Opinions: Nonvoters | Ranked choice voting | Election security | Voter suppression

Book Reviews: The Embattle Vote in America | One Person, No Vote

Alaska: Ranked choice voting | Election investigation

Arizona: Maricopa County, II

California: Automatic voter registration

Colorado: Election security

Florida: Poll workers | Ballot length | Write-in loophole

Guam: Voting system

Hawaii: Voting abuses

Illinois: Election security

Kentucky: Secretary of state

Massachusetts: Ranked-choice voting

Michigan: Straight-ticket voting | Elections ballot initiative

Minnesota: Election security | Tower City elections

New Jersey: Felon voting rights

New Mexico: Straight-ticket voting, II | Ranked choice voting | Election consolidation | Voter disenfranchisement

New York: Voting laws; Voter accessibility

North Carolina: Election system | Ballot subpoenas, II, III, IV, V

Oregon: Vote-by-mail, II

Pennsylvania: Young voters | Election security

Tennessee: Turnout, II

Texas: Voter registration

Utah: San Juan County

Virginia: Election process | Elections oversight

West Virginia: Election integrity | Rock the vote | Blockchain voting