National News: 12 years after Bush v. Gore, election controversies still exist in absence of reform

Overseas Voting News: Resistance to reforms seen dampening military votes

Alabama: Foley prepares for election day | Cities preparing for elections Tuesday | Special election has many worried | Clerk denies absentee ballot complaints | Election officials get organized ahead of Tuesday

Alaska: Polling places changing for many Anchorage voters

Arizona: Open-primary supporters sue to restore dropped signatures

California: New law puts online registration in place, but Alameda County not yet ready | Lack of election will save $15K

Colorado: Secretary of state under fire over 'inactive' voters | Colorado to use immigration database to verify voters | Gessler, Homeland Security finalize deal to check voter citizenship | Clerk: No order needed | Algorithm developed to trace ballots

Connecticut: Merrill to audit primary results

Florida: Fights over early voting intensify in Ohio, Florida | Keys election chief now national voice for voting rights | Hialeah vote-fraud probe mirrors 2004 case | Hialeah absentee-ballot tampering suspect was Miami-Dade poll worker

Georgia: Former candidate won't face charges for Facebook photo of ballot

Hawaii: Kawauchi, Nago agree to meet on election solutions | State to monitor Big Island election preparations

Kansas: Shawnee Co. election commissioner preparing for Tuesday's special election

Kentucky: Precinct officers prepare for November election

Louisiana: State offering voting workshops for senior citizens

Maine: Photo ID concerns dominate Maine elections hearing

Massachusetts: Voter fraud scandal up-ends East Longmeadow politics | Secretary of state fails to produce records on Northampton ballot question | Panel to recommend single polling location

Minnesota: Activists in Minneapolis rally against voter ID amendment

Mississippi: NAACP: No voter ID expected for November elections

Missouri: St. Louis County GOP elections director quietly ousted from office

Nebraska: Precincts in 4 counties switch to all-mail voting

New Hampshire: Officials looking to September primary as practice run for new voter ID law

New York: Looking to November, disability advocates call for accessible polling places

Ohio: Voting machines worry officials | Fights over early voting intensify in Ohio, Florida | Elections board defies long trend of collaboration | Group to sue for purge of the rolls | Backers of sidelined ballot issue sues chief over weekend voting hours | Summit County plans to follow statewide early voting regulations | Lawsuit seeks to kill early-voting directive | Board of elections members waited on Husted's ruling

Oklahoma: Voters turning out early

Oregon: Oregon gets honor for military vote

Pennsylvania: Verifying provisional ballots may be key to election | Pa. court to expedite challenge over voter ID law

Rhode Island: Requirements eased; applications increase for absentee ballots

South Carolina: Court to hear challenge to SC voter ID law | SC voter ID law sparks federal trial, puts state's racial past on stand | Court ruling could lead to more election turmoil

Tennessee: Knox commissioners to discuss Belle Morris precinct closure

Texas: Secretary of state confirms health election violations

Virginia: Hanover wants exemption to Voting Rights Act