National News: E-voting puts vote accuracy at risk in four key states | A loot at irregularities with voter registration, voting | Voter ID laws to have smaller impact on election | Election will be over in 12 more days, or will it? | Electoral College alternatives discussed at MIT | Advocates work to ensure access to polls for transgender voters 

Arizona: Pima commissioners to discuss chance of election fraud in larger precincts | Arizona election officials to discuss errors on Spanish voting documents 

Arkansas: Voter cites missing candidate's name in voting machine | Rogers unhappy with ballot change | Error keeps council races off some Jonesboro ballots 

California: California officials say online voter registration a success | City wins case--but still spends nearly $80K | Ranked choice creates uncertainty in mayoral race | Ranked choice voting puts a twist in Berkeley mayoral race | Vote by mail ballots slow returns, so far 

Colorado: Trend shows rise in mail-in ballots, lag in early voting 

Connecticut: Wilton registrars office preps for November election 

Delaware: Polling place app locator goes mobile 

District of Columbia: Getting a jump on early voting 

Florida: FBI is investigating Florida voter intimidation | After 2 days of uncertainty, Bucher appears ready to approve poll watchers | Copying of bad PBC ballots going well, so far | Less time, longer ballot may snarl early voting | Election office cleared for takeoff | Drummond runs against Hoots for elections office | Authorities look at suspicious Fla. voter mailings | Postage for mail-in ballots | Error delays absentee ballots to about 400 Hernando County voters 

Georgia: Early voting grows in Hall County, officials respond | Republicans promote Saturday voting | Reece warns some early ballots are wrong; election official says problem fixed | Cobb County opens second poll for early voters

Illinois: Poll worker tells Obama as he votes early: 'I need an ID' | More than 2,000 Election Day reminders go undelivered in East St. Louis | How do election officials make sure people don't vote twice 

Indiana: Centers ready for balloting blitz | Thousands of registered voters illegally purged in LaPorte County | Vigo Republicans concerned over absentee ballots | Indiana voters can cast provisional ballots after receiving absentee ballot 

Iowa: Voters keep auditors' offices busy | High number of mail-in ballots could slow results on election night 

Kentucky: Graves students use real voting machine thanks to county clerk

Louisiana: Commissioners offer help with early voting in Vermilion Parish | Appellate race mail ballots questioned 

Maryland: Two years later, questions remain on Maryland's early voting 

Massachusetts: League recruits inmates to vote absentee 

Michigan: Election preparation | Clerks: Absentee votes 'absolutely' counted | Hundreds of absentee ballots not delivered in Roseville | HS students to work GR polling places 

Minnesota: Human Rights commissioner makes case against voter ID 

Missouri: Voter says machine cast vote for wrong candidate twice | Missouri secretary of state candidate gets campaign help | Secretary of state calls for petition reform 

Montana: Old foes tangle in race for Montana secretary of state | Some say they haven't received absentee ballots | Insufficient postage an issue with many Montana ballots; Missoula will pay | Give ballots only to someone you trust 

Nebraska: Special unit will investigate any complaints about voter fraud 

New Hampshire: Town ready for new voter ID election regs 

New York: BOE to make voting easier for disabled | State's highest court backs elections board over union | Board of elections wants $115K for ballots | Confusion abounds over redistricting

North Carolina: Alerts warn Cumberland County voters of sensitive voting machines | Burke voting machines recalibrated | Glitches reported at early polling sites in Guilford, Davidson | Voters report problems with electronic ballots | Bogus callers telling people they can vote by phone, NC officials say | Voters say paper ballots easier, take less time | Confusion at polls during NC early voting | Cumberland County voters to have access to polling site near college during homecoming 

Ohio: Voting conspiracy theory spreads | Judge won't reinstate fired elections officials | Judge extends provisional ballot counting | Polling location ruling expanded | Election could hinge on late ballots | Elections board deals with changing rules | Federal judge denies request to reinstate fired employees | A possible 'nightmare scenario' for counting votes in Ohio? | New ballots ordered after court ruling

Pennsylvania: Elections director reiterates change in ID policy this general election | Philly behind on voter registration applications, watchdog says | Pa. election officials keep an eye on Hurricane Sandy 

Rhode Island: Secretary of state Mollis wants voters to be prepared 

South Carolina: Change of address form could lead to voting issues | State urges Supreme Court to hear challenge to Voting Rights Act | More voters get wrong absentee ballots | 108-year old to vote for first time 

Tennessee: Court upholds voter ID law | Tenn. to appeal voter ID ruling over library card | Appeals court rules photo library cards are voter ID 

Texas: Woman claims racial slurs thrown while voting | Official: Lubbock voting machines are not switching votes |Texas, international election observers face off | Defiant Texas AG wants to keep poll observers out | Issue with voter IDs | Olson moves to protect citizen, military voter rights | Eastland County approves countywide voting for Election Day | Attorney general's warning to foreign poll observers stirs backlash | Slew of Dallas County ballot-box rumors comes with election season 

Virginia: Fairfax Dems warn of voting machine problems | Fairfax prepares for an Election Day deluge | Arlington police looking into 'every component' of Moran video

West Virginia: Early voting running smoothly in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle