Colorado: The town of two elections | Denver mail-ballot tussle no issue here

Florida: Voters to shell out a half million to one million dollars for election | New elections chief misses first election

Illinois: Galesburg election panel OKs new ward, polling place map

Indiana: Mayor vows ballot lawsuit

Iowa: County approves grant for handicapped voting booths

Kentucky: Photo ID at ballot box big issue in secretary of state debate | Ethics panel declines to act on complaint about registering homeless voters

Maine: Secretary of state to release voter fraud findings

Michigan: New absentee ballot application style

Montana: As Lovaas sues for voter fraud, investigation finds no wrongdoing

New Jersey: Union County clerk offers new servivce for vote-by-mail ballot applicants

New York: Justice Dept. asks judge to move up NY primary | Varying deadlines still loom for absentee and military ballots that could sway elections | Final primary election results still to come

North Carolina: Voter ID bill vetoed by Perdue, challenges continue

South Carolina: Beaufort election commission balks at mandate to run primaries

Tennessee: City council votes to defer for 1 week voter ID law resolution | Long wait at license centers gets longer, blamed on voter ID law

Texas: Will Austin move its next election from May to November? | County reduces number of voting boxes from 36 to 29

West Virginia: New tracking for absentee voters available

Wisconsin: Students to see changes in polling places | Senate recalls cost Wisconsin, local residents $2.1M