Arizona: Voters must bring ID to polls  |  Primary election set for Tuesday

California: Learn how ranked choice voting works  |  Term limits case leads to double ballot

Florida: Ex-mayor objects to election changes  |  Early voting saves taxpayers money

Georgia: White County election officials conduct recount

Indiana: Suit challenges jailed voter ban  |  Backers of satellite voting centers plead their case

Massachusetts: Immigrant voter push launched  |  Stow attorney joins race for secretary of state

New York: Voting machines get tryout on Long Island  |  City residents get familiar with new voting machines  |  Hudson Heights seniors angry at board of elections no show

Ohio: No overtime as BOE opens on Labor Day

Pennsylvania: Non-U.S. citizens removed from voter rolls

South Dakota: New system speeds up delivery of absentee ballots

Tennessee: Election commission rules human error caused glitch, clears way for certification  |  Shelby County election commission releases its findings on election day problems  |  Commission indentifies employee who made election day glitch  |  Democrats claim voting machines can be altered  |  Officials defend election system  |  Pair of votes on same day no problem  |  Blount County election commission to correct Rockfor voting problems  |  Election commission admits to early voting mistake  |  County says no votes affected by polling place problems

Texas: New election ordered

Washington: 9th Circuit schedules rehearing of felon voting case  |  Software glitch blamed for delay in results  |  Single server overwhelmed

West Virginia: Mon County voting machines are ready for special election  |  Election officials test voting machines  |  Tennant to review early voting  |  Early voting starts Friday, one absentee ballot received

Wyoming: Write-in votes may impact November election