Alabama: Poll workers to get additional paty of $25

Alaska: Primary voting shows few changes

Arizona: Student apathy pushes polling places to November  |  Yavapai recorder now CERA designated  |  Library encouraging teens to 'Rock the Vote'

California: California to make voting easier for college students  |  Ballot creates security fray

District of Columbia: Fenty campaign trying to include 'no party' voters in primary

Florida: Early voting is costly  |  Poll workers prepare for primary  |  Supervisor of elections prepares for primary  |  Canvassing board lacks county commissioner  |  Elections site to post up-to-date results

Georgia: Justice Dept. approves Georgia voter verification law

Hawaii: State cuts 97 polling places

Maryland: Early voting debuts next month

Michigan: Brown nabs Land endorsement  |  Clerk claims McManus pressured her to approve flawed election forms

Missouri: State opinion on recount process delays decision

New York: Will new voting machines oversimplify ballots?  |  The paper ballot is back in Suffolk

North Carolina: Sunday voting question will be decided at state meeting

Ohio: Cross-checking records  |  Brunner releases video supporting bilingual ballots

Tennessee: Rutherford County elections chief is fired

Texas: County adds voting location

Vermont: It's not just the weather making it seem like fall

West Virginia: Higher pay for poll workers may not be key to recruiting them