Colorado: Election commission seeking to allow more time for voters  |  Candidate: Colorado needs to fix voting rules  |  State says Arapahoe County not following law on mail-in ballots  |  Araphaoe County sued over ballot drop-off stance

Delaware: Officials test machines before primary

District of Columbia: Dear Votemaster: is there a paper trail?

Florida: Rule change will let voters keep quiet

Georgia: State to launch probe of mishandled absentee ballots

Hawaii: Ballot error distresses candidates  |  Oahu absentee voters to get new ballots

Kentucky: Email voting to be made available in Kentucky

Maryland: Early voting begins today, impact remains unknown

Nevada: Online voter registration launched in southern NV

New Jersey: Retiring clerk plans to do some traveling

New Mexico: Secretary of state emails reveal questionable activities

New York: Citizens test drive new voting machines  |  Nassau County seeks to block use of evoting systems in upcoming primary

North Carolina: Instant runoff voting debuts in state, county elections

Ohio: Election board prepares for general election  |  Suit challenges Ohio's absentee voting system  |  Suspensions not served

Pennsylvania: Lebanon polling place may change  |  County mislabels 90 candidates on absentees

Rhode Island: Volunteer for candidate charged with tampering voter registration cards

Texas: Texas county scrambles to replace evoting machines destroyed in fire  |  Democrats again sue tax office over voter registration

Virginia: Ex-official alleges improper behavior

Washington: Battle brews over state's deadline for overseas absentee ballots

West Virginia: Special election costs ring up bills for W.Va. counties

Wisconsin: Election officials push for absentee ballots