Alaska: Miller orders one more round  |  Miller campaign going through voter rolls

Arkansas: Small group challenges Benton County elections commission

California: San Mateo voters chose mail ballots over polling places

Connecticut: Election ballots to be double checked in the city  |  Perfection: 1035 for 1035

Florida: Supervisor of elections wants to bring voting back to the future  |  Palm Beach County elections chief wants to retry touch-screen  |  Palm Beach commissioner joins election chief in push for touch-screens

Guam: Lawsuit challenges election

Indiana: Recount stalled  |  Decision on Charlie White charges due next month  |  Alleged voter fraud investigated

Maine: Losers in Maine's gubernatorial contest call for election changes

Minnesota: Emmer campaign wants change to recount rules  |  Recount: Court moves fast on GOP petition  |  Election officials train for pending recount

New Jersey: Hudson County BOE moves ballots to prosecutor's desk

New Mexico: Former secretary of state says she's ready to go to trial

New York: Seventh Senate district ballot frenzy

Ohio: Portage County tea party questions voting machines

Pennsylvania: Special election set

Tennessee: Questions arise in Putnam election  |  Election office spends half of budget at quarter year mark

Texas: Cameron County elections administrator breaks his silence

Wisconsin: Milwaukee man sentenced to jail for voter fraud