Maryland conducts first statewide audit of election results
Audit gave counties confidence in numbers as they moved to certification

At a recent elections-related conference, when the topic of the reliability of the elections process came up, one Maryland county official remarked that local and county elections officials are always auditing.

They audit results, they audit registration databases, you name it, they audit it and they are doing it all the time.

This November Maryland took that one step further and became the first known state to conduct a statewide independent automated audit of their November general election.

According to Nikki Charlson, deputy state administrator, the audit provided local and state officials with a confidence in their results as they moved toward the certification process.

“I think that being able to, in a matter of a couple days, be able to be confident that the system used across the state accurately counts votes, and have that information for all the ballots before the locals certify, is terrific,” Charlson said. Read More…