Lifelong passion for process leads to elections job
At 21, William Nesbitt takes charge of Danville, Ill. elections

While most college seniors are busy making plans for spring break first and graduation and life after college second, University of Illinois, Springfield senior William Nesbitt has his mind on other things.

Nesbitt is planning to conduct his first election as the director of elections for Danville, Illinois.

Nesbitt, 21, officially started on January 20 and has been busy at work since day one.

“I got so excited last week when we first got our ballots,” Nesbitt said. “I like that am I able to see the progress towards each election from start to finish. Being the executive director of the Danville Election Commission is a very unique type of public service.”

Nesbitt may not be the youngest ever, or even currently the youngest chief election official in the country, but for him, applying for the Danville job wasn’t about being the youngest, it was about working in his community and doing a job he knew he could. Read More…