Voters vote on how to vote
2016 features numerous elections-related ballot initiatives

Natalie Adams has her several hundred page 2016 California Voter Guide on her bedside table and each night before bed she spends some time reviewing the 17 statewide ballot measures and two countywide measures before her.

“It is an overwhelmingly long list,” Adams said.

And California voters aren’t alone.

From guns to pot to sugar to the minimum wage to health care, when voters head to the polls on November 8 (or before if they are early voting), in addition to choosing a president and vice president as well as other federal, state and local representatives, in 35 states voters will be faced with 163 statewide ballot measures. There will also be a host of local initiatives as well.

In at least seven of those states, voters will choose what the future of their elections look like. Here is a brief overview of what voters will be considering. Read more…