Sign of the times
Minneapolis Elections partners with local college for custom signage

If there is one thing election workers know, it’s that necessity is the mother of invention.

When a member of the college staff at a polling site located at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) realized that the signs provided by the city weren’t quite as helpful as they could be, the college added its own supplemental signage on polling days.

At the same time, Tim Schwarz, election administrator for the City of Minneapolis and his colleagues were discussing an overhaul of the mandated and supplemental hodgepodge of signage there were using.

While there was nothing technically wrong with the information presented on the signage, Schwarz said there was a real dissonance resulting from inconsistent fonts, colors, sizes and overall readability of the signs. With the hodgepodge display of signs, it didn’t look professional and information was not being presented in an easily consumable, consistent format.

“I don’t believe we were getting many complaints, per se, but I honestly think most voters ignored much of the signage being thrown at them — it was just a swirl of colors and poor design on multiple, mixed-size posters,” Schwarz said. Read More…