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electionlineWeekly — April 17, 2014

Table of Contents

IV. Legislative Update

District of Columbia: Councilmember Jack Evans has introduced election reform legislation that would make several changes to the city’s election laws: move the primary to June; create a March presidential preference primary; and create open primaries.

Illinois: If approved, House Bill 4480 would allow Illinois school districts to decline to have their schools used as polling places. Another pending polling place bill would prohibit buildings that sell “spirituous or intoxicating liquor” from being polling places. This would eliminate veterans’ clubs, social halls and golf course clubhouses from serving as voting sites.

Missouri: The Missouri House approved legislation that would ask voters to approve early voting in the Show Me state on an upcoming ballot.

Kentucky: A House committee made a last ditch effort to move legislation that would restore voting rights to most felons who have completed their terms of service. As amended, the bill would restore the voting rights to felons immediately upon completion of their sentences, but it would also allow the legislature to enact a waiting period of up to three years. The bill now moves to the senate.

Tennessee: The Senate sent legislation to Gov. Bill Haslam that, if signed, would ban United Nations elections monitors from observing Tennessee elections. The Senate approved the measure 23-2 and the House approved it 75-20.