Alaska: Election results slowly coming from across Alaska | Some key races still lack clear results

Colorado: Aspen to appeal ruling over ballot images | Pueblo County clerk joins lawsuit over ballots for inactive voters | 'Inactive' Fort Collins voters to get mail-in ballots | Mail ballot will differ across Eagel County

Florida: Hillsborogh elections office opens two new locations | State primary date switch forces local scramble

Georgia: Voting machines tested ahead of election | Elections department preps for activity

Illinois: Marion County clerk's office to purge voter rolls

Indiana: Election law 'slipped by' GOP leaders

Kentucky: Bill Johnson, Republican candidate for secretary of state

Maine: Back and forth over same-day voter registration continues | Think tank study finds fraud risk in elections

Missouri: Sanders says he won't run for secretary of state | Door calls for state lawmakers to decide primary election issue

Montana: Missoula election staff urges voters to check status

New Jersey: Atlantic County clerk candidates at odd over past ballot mistakes | Polling place changes in Margate

New Mexico: Problems reported with Albuquerque voting system

Ohio: Voting machine test begins in Jefferson County | Green Co. seeks new elections director | Cuyahoga County elections board retrieves ballot after voter complains of missing page | Betras gets support from both parties on board of elections nomination | Galena loses its polling place this election

Pennsylvania: Bucks County seeks election officials

South Carolina: State, GOP to pay for primary | Attorney general wants voter data, critics hammer voter ID law | Election official: Define 'legitimate' | GOP payment offer doesn't go far enough, say election officials

Texas: Coucil votes to move election date | Secretary of state responds to feds on voter ID | Court reviews Texas redistricting map

Virginia: Exemptions granted on voting regs | New voter cards should be in the mail | Poor signature could disqualify Va. absentee ballots

West Virgina: Mon County election headquarters gets temporary home | Election equipment moving to new home

Wisconsin: City of Waukesha posts information about voter ID | Dem bill would waive ID card replacement fee | Lots of attention for Waukesha clerk after report